9 Genius Toy Storage Ideas for Your Child room

Toy Storage Ideas for Your Child room

The never-ending game of “hide and seek”

I can certainly imagine the chaos that comes with having kids and their toys scattered around the house!

It’s like a never-ending game of “hide and seek” – except the hiding spots are never creative enough to fool those little detectives. You put a toy away in one room, only to find it in the next. It’s like they have magical powers that teleport the toys from one place to another!

When it comes to toy storage in your child’s room, there are many clever solutions for keeping playthings tidy and organized. Properly storing toys makes clean-up easier, frees up space for playtime, and teaches organization habits. Read on for toy storage ideas to keep your child’s room functional and clutter-free.

And don’t even get me started on the pain of stepping on a stray Lego piece. It’s like experiencing the worst kind of physical pain combined with a moment of sheer frustration.

But fear not, for every problem has a solution – and that solution is toy storage. You start with a toy chest in the living room, but soon realize that’s not enough. So you add shelves, baskets, and cubbies to every room in the house. Your home starts to look like a miniature toy store, and you start to wonder if you should start charging admission.

Despite the clutter, there’s something heartwarming about seeing your kids’ toys scattered around the house. It reminds you of their innocence, their curiosity, and their imagination. And hey, you know that the essential key is finding a toy storage system that’s actually effective.

Shelving Units

Install open shelving units in your child’s room or playroom. This allows you to display their toys while also keeping them organized.

The Trofast unit for example from IKEA is one of the popular choices for organizing toys and other items in a baby’s room. It is a versatile storage system that allows you to customize the storage containers to fit your specific needs.

The Trofast unit comes in a variety of sizes and colors to fit any room decor. The storage containers are available in different sizes, making storing toys of various sizes and shape easy. The unit also includes an open storage area, perfect for larger toys or items that do not fit into the containers.

The Trofast storage unit is ideal for children’s rooms thanks to its kid-friendly design. Its containers feature easy-open lids that little hands can securely grasp and close independently. The overall unit boasts a sturdy wood construction to withstand the daily rigors of play and use by kids.

In addition to being a great way to store toys, the Trofast unit can also be used to store baby clothes, diapers, and other essentials. This can help you keep the nursery organized and free from clutter. Combining bin storage with open shelving and using two colors makes this Trofast unit, styled by IKEA, versatile, practical, and artistic.

(image credit: IKEA)

Opt for hanging storage

Hanging storage for toys is like a hammock for your child’s playthings – except it won’t swing them to sleep. Instead, it’ll just keep them neatly tucked away and out of sight. Plus, it gives your kids a whole new reason to look up and admire the ceiling. Who knew storage could be so uplifting?

(image credit: IKEA)

Maintain Order with Proper Labels

Encourage your kids to help you label their toys and storage containers. This can help them take ownership of their toys and understand where everything belongs. For your little ones who can’t read yet, include pictures on the labels. For example, a picture of a car on a bin that stores toy cars.

storage containers with labels

Adorable design baskets – appropriate to your room design

When selecting toy storage baskets, opt for ones that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical in size. Look for baskets with attractive designs that will match your existing decor. But don’t sacrifice function – be sure the baskets are spacious enough to neatly contain all the toys needing to be organized.
It also helps to engage your kids in the process of tidying toys into baskets. Making it a fun activity for them will get your children invested in keeping their play space orderly and clutter-free over time.
Let your child choose the baskets they like best, and even decorate them with stickers or markers to make them more personalized.

toy storage baskets appropriate to the room design

Closet Organizer

Install a closet organizer with shelving and hanging storage to organize your child’s toys. You can also use over-the-door shoe organizers to store small toys.

Design a sideboard

Craft a charmingly versatile sideboard that elegantly showcases your treasured decor while discreetly concealing other items for a neat and polished aesthetic. There are a lot of beautiful toy designs that deserve to be shown off, and that will make your room design exceptional.

Under-bed Storage

Purchase rolling storage bins or bags that fit under your child’s bed. This way, their toys are easily accessible and out of sight.

Under-bed storage has been used for centuries: The concept of using the space under beds for storage is not a new one. In fact, it dates back to medieval times when beds were often raised off the ground to provide storage space for clothes and other belongings.
It’s a great solution for small spaces.

A rolling toy storage bin that fits under the bed can be a great way to store toys and keep them out of sight. Kids can easily pull out the bin and access their toys when they want to play, and then slide them back under the bed when they’re done.

under bed storage

How to store your baby’s toys on shelves?

Well, there are countless creative ways to store toys on shelves that can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. From using cute and colorful bins to arranging toys by size or type, the possibilities are endless! It depends on your child’s interests and the room’s design. So, let’s put our heads together and come up with a fun and unique solution that works best for you and your little one’s toy collection!

The best way to organize your baby’s toys

Under-bed toy storage has been used for centuries as an effective way to organize belongings in compact spaces. Today, rolling under-bed bins are a convenient option for neatly stowing toys out of sight. Kids can easily pull out the bins to access toys when they want to play, then push them back under the bed for quick clean-up.

When it comes to shelving, there are many creative ways to attractively store a baby’s toys while keeping them organized and within reach. Options include using cute colored bins to sort toys by type, size or color. You could also rotate toys in and out of storage to limit overwhelming clutter. The best solution depends on your child’s interests and room design. Get input from your little one to help devise a system they will enjoy maintaining. While there’s no universally “best” way, involving your baby in the process will make organizing toys a fun activity you do together.

The key ideas are using under-bed bins for toy storage, tailoring shelving strategies to your child’s needs and room design, and making organizing a collaborative process to engage your baby.


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