7 Tips on how to modernize a mirrored wall

7 Tips on how to modernize a mirrored wall

I’ve noticed several of you have been asking for tips on how to give a dated mirrored wall a fresh, modern look. I’m excited to let you know that, I’ll be providing step-by-step instructions on easy ways to transform those outdated mirrored displays into contemporary stunners! Here are 7 Tips on how to modernize a mirrored wall.

Mirrored walls can provide beautiful reflection and an illusion of more space. But over time, the look can feel dated. If your mirrored wall seems stuck in the past, there are easy ways to give it a modern upgrade. With some clever styling and strategic enhancements, you can transform an outdated mirrored display into a contemporary showstopper.

Updating an old-fashioned wall of mirrors may sound difficult, but have no fear – I’ve got innovative styling tricks, framing ideas, and strategic enhancements that will have your mirrored wall looking sleek and current in no time. No major renovations required!

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ll cover:

Swapping out heavy ornamental frames for simple modern options
Incorporating trendy new mirror shapes beyond basic rectangles
Using paint, wallpaper, or tile to add modern dimensional borders
Backlighting your mirrors for an ambient glow
Arranging mirrors in an asymmetrical layout

And much more! I’ll make sure you have all the info you need to give those dated mirrors the fresh look you’ve been desiring. Your home’s focal point will feel revitalized.

Get ready to see your mirrored wall in a whole new light! The transformative tips are

Swapping out heavy ornamental frames for simple modern options

Mirrored walls can provide beautiful reflection and an illusion of more space. The ornate carved frames that surround traditional wall mirrors tend to feel dated. If your mirrored wall seems stuck in the past, there are easy ways to give it a modern upgrade.  To streamline the look, carefully remove the mirrors from the wall and take off the old frames.

Replace them with simple modern frames in wood, metal or plastic. Choose clean lines and a minimalist style. Large rectangular frames in black, white or natural wood keep the focus on the sleek mirrors.

Incorporating trendy new mirror shapes beyond basic rectangles

Incorporate mirrors in new shapes to complement the traditional rectangles. Ovals, circles, diamonds and uniquely shaped mirrors, blob mirrors introduce exciting lines and angles.  Rectangular mirrors are a safe default, but circles, ovals, diamonds and uniquely shaped mirrors make for more modern reflections.
Look for interesting modern mirror shapes online or at home goods stores. You can also rearrange the mirror configuration into an asymmetrical or geometric pattern for modern style. Lean a circle against a square mirror. Hang small rounded mirrors together. Work the new shapes in with your existing rectangles for lots of artistic appeal.

Using paint, wallpaper, or tile to add modern dimensional borders

One of the simplest ways to update a wall of mirrors is by changing the framing. Lean mirrors for a clean, modern look rather than traditional ornate frames.

Go frameless if possible for a seamless expanse of mirror. Or consider painting dated wooden frames in a fresh color like navy or charcoal to modernize the mirrors.

Paint, wallpaper or tile added around the mirror edges adds a fresh modern frame. For paint, use masking tape to create neat borders, then paint inside the lines with a glossy black, navy or charcoal. Metallic paint is also an option. Peel tape when dry.
For wallpaper, cut strips to fit around your mirrors, paste on, and smooth out bubbles. Mirrored or marble tiles make a luxurious frame.

Update the traditional framed mirrors in your living room with some painted or wallpapered borders. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Remove existing frames. Carefully take down the mirrors from the wall and remove any
ornate wood or metal frames surrounding them. This will leave you with clean-edged
mirrors ready for new frames.

Prep the wall space. Make sure the wall area around the mirrors is smooth. Fill any holes
or imperfections with spackle and sand. Then clean the walls well so the paint or
wallpaper will adhere properly.

Choose paint or wallpaper. Pick a paint color that contrasts the mirrors nicely, like a bold
navy or dark charcoal gray. Or select a fun wallpaper pattern or texture. Get samples to
view colors/patterns in the room.

Cut border strips. Measure the width wanted for the frame borders, accounting for the
mirror sizes. Cut strips of wallpaper or masking tape for paint to these dimensions.

Apply wallpaper border. For wallpaper, apply adhesive to the back of the strips, align on
the wall, then smooth out bubbles and wrinkles. Use a level to ensure straight lines.

Paint the border. For a painted border, apply masking tape in even strips around the
mirrors. Then paint within the tape lines using a small trim brush and the chosen paint
color. Allow to fully dry.

Touch up paint or wallpaper. Clean up any smudges or imperfections in the borders so
they frame the mirrors cleanly. Remove the painter’s tape if needed.

Rehang mirrors. Finish by securely placing the mirrors within the fresh painted or
wallpapered frames.

 It will give your traditional mirror display a modern makeover.

Backlighting your mirrors for an ambient glow

The ambient lighting brings the mirrors to life. Installed lighting updates any wall decor. Backlight your mirrored display by affixing sconces, placing table lamps nearby or installing recessed ceiling lighting. The illuminated wall will feel sleek and contemporary. Led light strips around and behind the mirrors create a vibrant focal point.

Here are a few steps for how to backlight mirrors with LED lights:

  • Choose LED strip lights. Look for self-adhesive LED light strips that are made for indoor use. Opt for LEDs with a high color temperature (5000K or higher) for a bright, crisp white light. Make sure the strip is long enough for the size of your mirror.
  • Clean the mirror frame. Wipe down the mirror’s frame or edges thoroughly where you’ll apply the LED strip. Remove any dust and debris so the lights adhere properly.
  • Apply the LED strip. Peel off the backing of the LED strip and apply it carefully along the top edge on the back of the frame, pressing it firmly to stick. If needed, use additional adhesive or mounting clips to secure the strip.
  • Connect the power supply. Connect the LED strip lights to the power supply as directed. Plug in the power supply to an outlet to turn on the lights.
  • Check for hot spots. Inspect the LED strip on the back of the mirror to make sure there are no gaps causing bright hot spots. Cover any gaps with additional adhesive to diffuse the lighting.
  • Adjust intensity. Use the dimmer or remote control that comes with the LED kit to adjust the brightness to the desired intensity for optimal backlighting.

With the LED strip applied and powered on the back of the frame, your mirror will have an awesome ambient glow! Adjust the lighting brightness to get the perfect backlit effect.

Arranging mirrors in an asymmetrical layout

Traditional mirror walls are often arranged symmetrically. For an updated look, hang your mirrors in an asymmetrical formation. Create clusters by hanging different sized mirrors together at various heights. Leave more negative space between some, and position others closer together. The irregular layout injects modern interest.

Let me know if you need any clarification bringing your mirrors into the 21st century! I hope these tips get you well on your way to a mirrored masterpiece.

Add Mirror Tiles

Introduce contrasting mirror tiles into the display by framing the mirrors or in between. Small mirrored tiles lend shine and texture. Choose metallic tiles, colored glass tiles or tile with pattern and imagery to lend personality. The tiles will modernize a plain mirrored wall.

Use as a Focal Backdrop

Turn your mirror wall into a functional display. Use it as the backdrop for a console table and accessorize with decor objects and lighting. Or mount floating shelves in front of the mirrors to hold plants, books and art. The mirrors become modern art rather than just reflective surface.

With creative enhancements and modern accents, an outdated mirrored wall can easily be transformed into a contemporary stunner. Ditch the baroque frames, introduce sleek new shapes and lighting, and use color and texture to refresh the look. Display the mirrors in fun new ways while maintaining their brilliant reflective shine.