Space-Saving Ideas for Small or “Impossible” Bathrooms (2023)

I’m talking about practical and effective solutions, space-saving ideas perfect for a small bathroom but suitable for rooms of any size.
Thanks to the furnishings and accessories I will talk about, you will be able to exploit and organize every inch of your bathroom.

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Maximize your small bathroom with clever space-saving ideas for “impossible“ bathrooms. Get tips on using pedestal sinks, wall-mounted toilets, shelf storage, and more to open up your tiny bath. Find small bathroom remodeling inspiration through photos and videos to make the most of your limited square footage.



First of all, you may prefer a space-saving sink, which has smaller dimensions than standard products

What are the dimensions of the mini-sinks?
The depth is less than 45cm and the width is less than 55cm, but they are indicative numbers.

The offer is boundless, and some washbasins reach a depth of just 20 cm!
On the market, you will also find corner models, perfect for furnishing tiny and/or service bathrooms.

Pros: gain inches
Cons: limited range

What are the dimensions of the mini-sinks?

Space-saving sinks must be used with care because you run the risk of splashing the floor with each use.
The space-saving ideas for the washbasin also include equipped models (with towel racks and/or trays)


 Toilet and bidet 

In the sanitary area, you can choose between a couple of space-saving solutions.
The first is the toilet with an integrated bidet, a vase that combines the functions of the toilet and the bidet.


Operation is simple:   sit on the toilet / do your business / finished? press a button

The button activates the release of a tube which, using a jet of water, cleans and sanitizes the intimate parts.

You won’t have to use your hands or toilet paper: the toilet bidet does everything.
They are perfect for a very small bathroom, where there is no space for both fixtures.

But saving space is not the only advantage, because the product is a concrete aid for people with motor difficulties and/or the handicapped.

How much does a toilet with a bidet cost?
Typical costs for a traditional stand-alone bidet are $500 to $1,500, with an additional cost of around $220 for installation and plumbing materials. Bidet Toilet Average Total Cost With Installation $1,200-$2,500

Small sanitary represents the other space-saving solution. What type of toilet is best in a small bathroom?

We are talking about toilets and bidets with a shorter length than the standard models (the width remains the same), which allows you to gain a few centimeters in depth.

So, it’s easy to recognize them, if the standard size is 60 cm, and compact sanitary ware has a length of less than 50-52 cm.

Sanitary: wall-hung, back-to-wall, or spaced?

For sure you’ll ask me who produces them.
Almost all specialized companies have a pair of compact toilets and bidets, in the floor-standing or wall-hung version.

Be careful though…
You certainly gain precious centimeters in depth and facilitate the passage, but the use of the elements will (perhaps) be more uncomfortable.

I am referring to the bidet, when seated if you don’t have enough depth, you risk touching the wall with your knees. Measure carefully how much length you need to use the item comfortably.

Good to know that the minimum free space required for a toilet is 70 cm x 120 cm if in fact there is another adjacent element a minimum space of 15 cm must be left and in the case of a side wall, at least 20 cm.

Small built-in bathtub

The traditional built-in bathtub is 70 cm wide and 170 cm long.
However, some companies produce compact models, with lengths between 120 and 150/160 cm.
They won’t have the same comfort as a regular tub, but in small rooms, they are the best.

• save space
• you have both bathtub and shower

small built-in bathtub
@small built-in bathtub


Even the shower has space-saving solutions, starting with the corner tray.
Without an edge, the corner shower tray facilitates the passage and allows you to recover a few precious centimeters (I recommend it in tiny bathrooms).

Another solution is the cuttable shower tray, these trays can be easily trimmed down to ensure a perfect fit.

corner shower tray
corner shower tray

These products, made of composite or acrylic materials, are shaped according to your needs (on-site or by the manufacturer).
In practice, you can also place the shower next to a protruding pillar, or lean against a crooked wall.

Bathroom furniture sets 

The best space-saving furniture, in my opinion, is those with one or two storage drawers.
You can combine these furnishings with a suspended column and a mirror.

Bathroom furniture sets Ikea – GODMORGON / BRÅVIKENA

And if you have a washing machine, In this case, there are 2 possibilities.
The first is the laundry cabinet, where the appliance is next to the sink:
Alternatively, find another location. Remember that you can work vertically, taking advantage of the space above the washing machine.

Toilet mirror box storage 

The mirror cabinet is a very useful multifunctional piece of furniture, where you can store some objects in the sink area.
Available in many sizes, shapes, and price ranges, I recommend it especially if the sink has little support surface.

Toilet mirror box storage @ceramicacielo.it Oval container mirror

Bathroom Niches 

The niches are recesses in the wall, which can be obtained in various points of the room:
In addition to creating a comfortable support surface, the niches in the bathroom tidy up and organize the space.

bathroom niches space saving

Near the sink you can use them to store toothbrush holder, soap dish and other objects


On the opposite side of the niches, we find the shelves.

Space-Saving bathroom shelves

It’s the simplest, cheapest, and fastest way to create a shelf (almost anywhere).
They are available in various materials: wood, steel… and in any furnishing style (rustic, minimal, shabby…).

Radiator with drying rack

You can also save space with a heated towel rail in the bathroom…just choose the right models!
A perfect example is the towel warmer with drying rack.
It looks like a normal towel warmer, but in a few seconds, it transforms into a heated towel rail with a drying rack.

In addition to heating the bathroom, it is also a drying rack for clothing.

Radiator with drying rack

Sliding door 

The sliding frame is a great way to save space in the bathroom.

They work thanks to a sliding system (inside or outside the wall) and remove the encumbrance of the classic swing door.

Another alternative is the book frame:
When the door is open you have two small doors, folded over each other.

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