The interiors in Scandinavian style

The interiors in Scandinavian style are not just beautiful. The apartments are filled with warmth and become a refuge from the harsh climate, gray skies and chilly wind. Coziness and tranquility are opposed to the raging elements and cold. This style, indeed, was formed by nature itself.

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Along with the warmth, the interiors acquired a national flavor. Originally Scandinavian textures are chosen for interior decoration: wood and stone. In this style, everything seems to strive to be closer to nature. Wicker furniture, plank floors, soft shades of fabrics, light colors and lots of light create the atmosphere of a warm hearth. No frills or excesses. Only functionality, space and naturalness.

“Scandinavian style does not tolerate negligence.”

Each element of the interior is thought out and meets the needs of the owner. There is no excessive decor or pomposity here. Scandinavian style celebrates functional minimalism. Preference is given not to beauty, but to reliability.

Therefore, the interiors use beech and wood furniture, simple and environmentally friendly. It is strong, stable and durable. Upholstered in natural materials such as linen and cotton. Bright elements dilute the calmness of the style, for example, a colorful bedspread and pillows, an ornamented floor carpet, paintings and photographs.

There is a lot of light in the interiors designed in Scandinavian style. Due to climatic conditions and short daylight hours, the houses have large windows with light tulle and a variety of artificial light sources.

Lamps, floor lamps, large chandeliers and lamps do not overload the room. After all, the Scandinavian style does not accept excesses. The light is arranged in such a way as to expand and multiply the space.

Love for everything natural brings living plants and greenery to the Scandinavian interior. These are perhaps the only room decorations that can be in abundance. Against the backdrop of a restrained light range of living rooms and bedrooms, plants become bright contrasting splashes. They dilute the calm and neutrality inherent in this style.

interior in Scandinavian style
The interiors use soft, muted tones. The most common is the combination of white and blue. White helps to visually lighten the room, while blue adds the right accents. A range of light, sunny shades is common. For example, beige, yellow and amber. Brown, chocolate, brick-red tones are popular. However, the main color in the interiors of the Scandinavian style is still white. It serves as a background on which unusual color and stylistic solutions are imposed.

“Scandinavian Style Features”

  • Natural materials: wood and stone
  • Lots of light sources
  • A palette of light shades with a predominance of white
  • Refusal of excessive decoration
  • Simplicity and functionality
  • Wooden furniture: beech, birch, oak, pine
  • Open space and joint areas

baby room in Scandinavian style

“Style history”

The solidity and calmness of the Scandinavian style was not formed immediately. It was not spared the influence of both the splendor of Rococo and the poise of classicism. The Swedish king Gustav III is considered the founder of the Scandinavian style. He did not copy European design solutions and blindly follow fashion. Seeing the beauty in the originality of Sweden, the monarch skillfully combined rococo and classicism with the simplicity and conciseness of the Scandinavian character. Subsequently, this style was called the Gustavian Empire. Naturalness and majesty are inherent in it to a greater extent than the splendour and ostentatious luxury of European styles.

At the end of the 19th century, echoes of the influence of European design were still heard in the Scandinavian style. Despite the fact that the furniture and interior items were arranged as if without excessive thoughtfulness, the thoroughness was noticeable in the details. The desire to create comfort and a relaxed atmosphere was combined with elaborate and sophisticated ornaments, carved legs, fringed sofa trim and chandeliers shining in all colors of the rainbow. But these Central European attributes were present in the interior in moderation. Even then, most Scandinavian houses sought to impress guests not with excess and luxury, but with taste and a cozy atmosphere.

kitchen-living room in Scandinavian style

The love of the Scandinavians for natural materials was finally formed thanks to the Art Nouveau style. This direction in architecture is built around convenience and comfort. It has a surprisingly “northern” character. Instead of bizarre curves and subtle forms, monumental and unhewn granite, stable non-smooth planes, natural stone irregularities are used. The combination of concrete structures with glass, wood and ceramics organically fit into the cold Scandinavian climate and was to the taste of the population.

The final isolation of Scandinavian design occurred in the second half of the 20th century. Love for wood and stone has become a distinctive style card, naturalness and simplicity have become synonymous with good taste. Designers and craftsmen moved further and further away from excesses and excessive decoration, giving preference to convenience and functionality. The beauty of Scandinavian interiors began to be measured by their practicality.

Sweden has become the center of such a democratically cozy design. It was there that light colors, blue and white colors, wicker details and various textile upholstery firmly settled in the apartments of ordinary citizens. The trend towards a minimum of furniture and a lot of light quickly spread to the neighboring countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

In the Scandinavian style, one of the main materials is wood. It is preferred both on the floor and on the walls. Of course, wooden furniture is used everywhere. Denmark has become a trendsetter in furniture design. Designers combined the traditions of finishing, paint and wood sanding, and also tried new forms. For example, it was Denmark that made teak furniture popular. Dense texture, deep color (from dark brown to light yellow) and age-old durability made Danish furniture famous far beyond the borders of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

At the end of the 20th century, pine joins the popular wood species. Previously, it was not used in the city. This material was rather preferred in the construction of country houses and cottages. But with the development of the Scandinavian style, pine stood on a par with beech, birch, teak, ash and oak.

Scandinavian style interiors are a great way to create a space just for yourself. Where you can escape from the crazy bustle of the world, relax, unwind and breathe deeply. In this style, there is no demonstrativeness at all. He is very kind and calm. Scandinavian style, when your home is your castle. With all that said, wouldn’t you want to buy Scandinavian style furniture?


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