Redecorating your bathroom

Decorating Your Bathroom in 6 Simple Steps

Giving your bathroom a makeover can sound daunting, but following this structured step-by-step guide for redecorating your bathroom makes the process straightforward.

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Lay Down the Bathroom Flooring Foundation

Start by selecting flooring that is waterproof, durable, and easy to clean. Options like porcelain tile, vinyl plank, or linoleum withstand high moisture. Measure carefully and purchase a bit extra to allow for cuts and errors. Proper floor prep and installation is crucial for lasting quality.

Finish Walls with Paint or Wallpaper

Next, determine the wall finishes. Paint adds an affordable pop of color and cleans up easily. Use high-quality bathroom paint formulated to resist humidity and mildew. For more texture, install wallpaper in fabrics suited for moisture-prone areas. Prepare surfaces thoroughly before applying your chosen finish neatly and smoothly.

Make a Statement with Your Sink and Faucet

Now it’s time to install your sink and faucet. Evaluate your space and opt for a stylish vanity, unique vessel sink, or sleek wall-mounted sink. Select a durable, water-efficient faucet in finishes that match your design vision. Mount the sink securely to avoid leaks or slippage over time.

Maximize Storage with Elegant Bathroom Shelving

Strategically incorporate storage space for essentials like towels and toiletries. Open shelving provides easy access while hidden spaces keep clutter at bay. Install pull-out drawers, wall cabinets, and under-sink organizers. Multi-purpose furniture like sink consoles offers storage and display space.

Treat Windows for Privacy and Light Control

Dress windows appropriately with blinds, shades or curtains in suitable fabrics that withstand moisture and mildew. Ensure windows open easily to ventilate the room. Maximize natural light but maintain privacy as needed. Window treatments should coordinate with your overall bath decor.

Include Seating for Relaxing and Grooming

Consider adding a chair, stool or bench if space allows, for tasks like shaving legs or applying makeup. Shelves or cabinets fitted with a cushioned top also create seating space. Just be sure to keep walkways clear.

Use Mirrors to Visually Expand the Space

Lastly, carefully place mirrors to make your bathroom feel larger and brighter. Hang an oversized mirror opposite windows to reflect the most light. Frameless mirrors have a sleek, modern look. Illuminated mirrors cast flattering light for grooming.

The step-by-step process takes the guesswork out of bathroom decorating. Start from the ground up for a cohesive new look that showcases your design style.

When you redecorate your bathroom, prioritize decluttering and deep cleaning the space first. Then look for ways to better organize your stuff and make the layout more functional. It’s worth devoting plenty of time to do this right – even though it feels like a big investment upfront, the payoff of a tidy and efficient new bath space is so worth it!

Your home’s first impression lasts up to seven years, so why not make it look great? Re-designing your bath or shower area is one of the best low-cost renovations you can do to improve the value of your house.


As mentioned earlier, creating a bathroom is an average of 1-2 hours per person depending on how organized you are!

Making your bath or shower area look beautiful does not happen overnight. Finding materials that match, good decorations, and putting together the right layout takes time.

Sketch out the room and get estimates for things like tiles, vanities, and mirrors before buying so there are no surprises later.

Don’t worry about being too expensive, even though it may seem like it at first. Many people spend more than they think in their own homes on small touches such as towels and washcloths. Use those supplies and keep them in sync with your house style.

bathroom remodelling rules

Don’t worry about being too expensive, even though it may seem like it at first. Many people spend more than they think in their own homes on small touches such as towels and washcloths. Use those supplies and keep them in sync with your house style.


As mentioned before, personal preference is very important to consider when designing your bathroom. If you like bold colors, then go with those. Or if you love patterns, add some to the wall or shower doors!

There are many ways to mix and match styles so that it feels comfortable for you. A few basic rules apply: stay within reason, use common sense, and look into how others have decorated their own spaces!

Take your time to explore different shades and textures of paint, tiles, and materials such as brass or copper. You will find new favorites.

Bathrooms should be a place where you feel relaxed and able to spend some quiet moments after a hard day at work or home.

calm colors in bathroom



It’s easy to get inspired by current trends in home decor, but using these designs as sources of ideas for your own bathroom is not advised unless you have enough money to start with high-end materials.

That being said, there are some less expensive ways to update your bath space. Looking into online forums and reading reviews will help you find great resources for inexpensive bathroom furniture and decorations.

By mixing and matching colors, textures, and materials, you can create your ideal washroom without spending too much money.


General tips: remember that buying new things is expensive! Make sure to look around for discounts before investing in anything. You could also try looking at “wish list” items online to see if anyone else has one and trying to negotiate down the price.

Homemade gifts are always thoughtful and cost-effective, so why not make your own towels or shower curtains? There are many free printable patterns and pictures online that you can customize to fit your budget.



As mentioned before, personal style is an integral part of designing a bathroom. If you are looking to refresh your look or give yourself a new direction, then learning about different styles can help!

There are many ways to learn about design styles. You do not have to be professionally trained in art to know how to identify beautiful designs. It takes an artistic eye to recognize good space-filling patterns, balance, and proportion.

Towels, shower curtains, pillows, and other small items that speak for themselves also convey a style. When buying such pieces, think about whether they match with the rest of the decorations in the room and if they are displayed well. A little extra effort will show in the long run!

To keep things simple, just because something was popular does not mean it is best for you or your home. Try to find designs that are appropriate to you and apply them to create your own look.


Creating your own bathroom is not necessarily harder than designing someone else’s! In fact, some of the best interior designers start with their own bathrooms as inspiration for other spaces.

By starting from something you know, you will save wasted time trying to figure out what materials fit into a space or how to apply them to a new room.

Knowing about textures and colors can help you relate those to the rest of the pieces in the new room. And if you are looking to refresh your bathroom look, picking up tips from experienced professionals is a great way to get inspired.

There are many ways to pick up design knowledge, so don’t feel that you need to learn everything under the sun to begin. Many people are very loyal to particular brands, so instead of copying what others do, create your own style that features products from familiar sources.

textures and colors for bathroom redesigning, small bathroom remodel


Once you have determined what type of space you want, your next step is to pick your colors! There are many ways to choose colors for a bathroom. You can use shades that match or complement each other, go with a classic look, and/or feature some strong colors.

It’s important to be clear about what types of looks you like so that you don’t end up with a ton of products that you never use. For example, if you love clean lines, then choosing bright white walls and gray or black cabinets will give you an elegant feel without being too formal.

When it comes to decorations such as pillows and towels, there’s no wrong way to do things. Find ones that you really like and add them to create a cozy environment.


You can easily incorporate patterns into your bathroom design through tiles, wallpaper, painted furniture, and window blinds. Tiles offer tons of pattern options, from geometric shapes to Moroccan-inspired designs.

Wallpaper is also available in countless prints, stripes, and textures to suit any style. Jazz up wooden bath fixtures by painting or stenciling fun motifs on them. For quick pattern impact, stylish patterned blinds can transform windows – from playful polka dots to dramatic damask prints, blinds come in many materials and customizable shapes to match your decor.
Look in stores or online and get creative mixing patterns for a striking, personalized bathroom.

The main ideas are the same, but I reworded it to sound more conversational and give some specific examples of types of patterns you could use in a bathroom through different materials. Please let me know if you would like me to paraphrase it further.

For example, wooden slats with fabric lining are called Venetian-style blinds. These are very popular and usually cost around euro 50-100 per roll (depending on size). You can make your room look finished by using several rolls in different shades and matching up the material.

Alternatively, vertical ruffle curtains also give an elegant feel. They are typically lined with silk or velvet and have small loops where you pull up the curtain to see through.

bathroom tiles



When it comes to choosing your bathroom supplies, there are two main things to consider. The first is how much space you have in relation to your shower, bath, vanity, and other features of the room.

If you don’t have very large bathrooms, then looking into budget-friendly ways to refresh your wash area can be helpful.

These include buying new towels, blankets, rugs, and so on if they’re available in your style and color palette.

The second important thing to check out is whether or not your current decorations match the rest of your home. If yes, great! But if not, it’s time to rethink how you organize the space.

A good place to start would be picking up some plastic trays and storage bins at your local discount store. Or try online stores like Amazon or Target.



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