Mirrors for small bathroom ideas

Mirrors for small bathroom ideas

Maximize Your Small Bathroom with Clever Mirror Ideas

If you’re struggling with a tiny bathroom, don’t fret! The right mirror can make all the difference in opening up the space. With a mix of smart mirror ideas and placement, you can make your small bathroom feel brighter and more expansive.

Explore space-saving brilliance with mirrors for small bathroom ideas. Discover how strategic mirror placement and designs can amplify light, create an illusion of space, and transform your compact bathroom into a stylish oasis of functionality and elegance.

First, think about your needs and style. Do you want a practical storage option or a modern flair? Lighting for tasks or stylish sconces?

Once you decide, use these savvy tips to pick the perfect small bathroom mirrors.

Go for the Illusion

Where and how you position a mirror impacts how large the room appears.
Lean wider mirrors against walls
or hang them vertically to simulate a taller ceiling. Use two mirrors across from one another to create depth. Unusual shapes like octagons draw the eye around the room.

When it comes to sizing, don’t go too massive or tiny. 24 to 30 inches wide is the ideal mirror size for a small bathroom. Ovals and rounds maximize space with their curved edges. Illuminated and frameless mirrors also enhance spaciousness with their sleek look.

Storage Solves Clutter Extra storage is a must for small bathrooms.

Solve clutter problems with smart mirrored cabinets to stow away all those lotions and potions. They keep necessities easily accessible but out of sight. For more space, look for recessed or wall-mounted cabinets with mirrors built right into the door.

Opt for Double the Reflection

Get more from your mirror by doubling up. Place matching mirrors across from each other to instantly enlarge the look of your bathroom. Or frame the sink with two same-sized mirrors. You can combine a large main mirror with smaller side mirrors for multiple views to check your look.

Light It Up Properly

Poor lighting and dark corners can make any small bathroom feel gloomy and closed-in. The right lighting can change everything. Add sconces around the mirror for a glam accent. Install an illuminated mirror to banish shadows and make grooming easier.

By selecting the perfect mirrors for your small bathroom using decorating optical illusions and smart storage, you can enjoy a space that looks and functions so much better. With these clever tips, your tiny bathroom doesn’t have to feel so cramped after all.

Choose the Right Size Mirror

When selecting a mirror for a small bathroom, choose one that is sized appropriately for the space. A too large mirror will overwhelm, while one too small won’t provide enough reflection. An ideal mirror size for a small bathroom is 24-30 inches wide.

Oval and Round Mirrors Maximize Space

Oval or circular mirrors are great choices for small bathrooms as their curved shape makes the room feel larger. Position a round mirror above the sink to open up the room.

Frameless Mirrors Create a Sleek Look

Frameless mirrors have a streamlined contemporary appearance perfect for cramped bathrooms. Their clean edges help them blend seamlessly into the wall for a minimalist style.

Illuminated Mirrors Brighten and Enlarge

Mirrors with built-in lighting add both style and function to a small bathroom. Illuminated mirrors cast even light, making the space feel bigger and brighter.

Unusual Shapes Add Flair

Unique mirror shapes like octagons, squares, or even uneven shapes can infuse an ordinary small bathroom with style. Geometric shapes fit well in modern bathrooms.

Position Vertically to Expand Space

Hanging a slim mirror vertically can trick the eye into seeing a taller room. Place a lean floor mirror in a corner or hang a tall mirror near the sink.

Mirrored Cabinets Store Essentials

Mirror cabinets provide concealed storage for small bathrooms. Cabinets behind the mirror keep clutter hidden but items easily accessible.

Opt for Double the Reflection

Using two mirrors placed together can make a bathroom feel twice as big. Position mirrors across from each other to create depth.

Frame with Sconces for Ambiance

Sconces mounted on either side of a bathroom mirror create a lovely accent. The light provides a warm glow for tasks like applying makeup.

Include Side Mirrors for Multiple Views

Extra views provided by side mirrors allow for checking your look from all angles. Side mirrors maximize use of space in cramped bathrooms.

Spice Up Your Bathroom with Creative Mirror Ideas

Looking to add some style to your bathroom? Installing an eye-catching mirror is one of the easiest ways to update the look and make your space feel fresh and new. Whether your taste runs modern, traditional or something in between, creative mirror ideas can transform the entire vibe of your bathroom.

Maximize Space with Oversized Mirrors

One of the most popular mirror options for making a bathroom feel larger is an oversized wall mirror. A mirror that takes up most of the wall draws the eye upward and makes your bathroom appear more spacious. For a contemporary ensemble, choose a minimalist frameless mirror in a sleek rectangle or square shape. Or go with a rounded mirror for a softer look. Place it on the wall opposite the sink or tub to optically enlarge the whole area.

Infuse Interest with Unique Shaped Mirrors

Tired of boring rectangular mirrors? Shake things up with a mirror in an unusual shape. Triangle mirrors add visual punch to contemporary bathrooms. Create an art deco feel with sunburst mirrors. Octagonal, oval and diamond shaped mirrors lend a whimsical touch. Or really make a statement with an asymmetrical or abstract shaped mirror that becomes a true focal point.

Light Up Your Look with Illuminated Mirrors

Illuminated mirrors don’t just provide optimal lighting for daily grooming tasks. They also look incredibly stylish! Choose a mirror lined with glowing LED bulbs for a modern update. Accent with sconces around the mirror for added elegance. Install a backlit mirror to bathe your bathroom in a soft, even glow. Place illuminated mirrors strategically near darker areas of the bathroom to brighten up the whole space.

Incorporate Mirrored Cabinets for Function

While delivering eye-catching style, mirrored cabinets also provide needed bathroom storage. Cabinet doors covered in mirrors help reflect light and make the room feel more open. Meanwhile, shelves behind the doors keep toiletries organized and out of sight. Look for weathered antique mirrored cabinets for a shabby chic style. Opt for sleek frameless cabinets for contemporary flair.

Create an Infinity Reflection with Two Mirrors

An easy mirror trick for making any bathroom look twice as large is using two mirrors facing each other. This creates the optical illusion of infinite reflection and space. Arrange two wall mirrors so they sit directly across from each other. Or have two medicine cabinets mirror one another. The reflection will double the size and depth of your bathroom.

Show Off Personality with Unique Mirror Frames

An ornate or distinctive mirror frame provides an easy way to infuse personality into your bathroom’s decor. Intricately carved wood, metallic frames in silver or gold leaf, or handpainted styles show off your unique taste. For a quirky touch, look for fun frames with ovals, circles or geometric shapes cut right into the mirror. The options are endless for making your mirror truly one-of-a-kind!

With so many creative mirror ideas to explore, you can easily find just the right option to enhance your bathroom’s style and function. Get inspired by these mirror design tips to update your space with a stylish focal point. A new mirror offers simple decorating magic!


  1. Circular framed mirrors – A round mirror with a thin metal or wooden frame adds a soft, space-enhancing shape over a small bathroom sink.
  2. Mirrored medicine cabinets – Framed mirrored cabinets provide concealed storage while the mirror visually expands the space. Recessed cabinets work well.
  3. Rustic wood framed mirrors – A mirror with a rustic, distressed wood frame adds warmth and texture. Great for vintage or farmhouse styled small bathrooms.
  4. Oversized square mirrors – Extra large square mirrors with thick, bold frames make a statement and trick the eye to see a larger bathroom.
  5. Framed mirrors with built-in lighting – Illuminated mirrors with sconces or perimeter lighting provide ideal task lighting for small spaces.
  6. Framed leaning floor mirrors – A tall, slim floor mirror with an ornate leaner frame placed in a corner opens up a small bathroom.
  7. Frameless beveled mirrors – For contemporary bathrooms, a beveled mirror with no frame has an ultra-sleek look to maximize space.
  8. Double frame mirrors Two matching rectangular frames placed together create the illusion of more space in a tiny bath.
  9. Distressed whitewashed frames – A vintage style distressed white frame adds farmhouse charm to a small bathroom mirror.
  10. Metallic framed mirrorsThin copper, silver, gold or chrome frames add glam and shine while complementing small spaces.


Framed mirrors
can provide both aesthetic and functional benefits for small bathrooms. The frame around the mirror draws attention to it as a decorative focal point and anchor for the space. Frames come in diverse styles, from ornate carved wood to sleek metal, allowing you to add personalized flair.

Framed mirrors also influence the perception of room size. Oversized frames extend to the edges of a mirror, making it appear larger. Certain frame shapes, like circles, have a space-enhancing effect. Frames provide contrast with the wall, defining the mirror’s edges and preventing it from blending in.

In addition, framed mirrors are versatile. You can find them as wall mirrors, medicine cabinets, and vanity mirrors. Lighted frames provide task lighting. Creative frames add whimsical shapes or textures.

Overall, framed mirrors allow small bathrooms to feel more expansive while also contributing stylish decorative elements. The frames maximize both the aesthetic and spatial impacts of the mirrors.