Marble in the interior

Marble in the interior

Marble was used as a building and finishing material in ancient Greece when palaces, castles, and temples were built from it. It is attracted by its strength, moisture resistance, and practicality.

However, marble has always had a high price. Perhaps that is why its use has remained a lot of privileged premises.

Today, marble or its imitation (which is much cheaper, but outwardly practically does not differ from the original) is used in many modern interiors. We will tell you why marble has become popular again, we will tell you what to combine with and what to make “marble” walls from, and we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of different finishing options.


The popularity of marble in the interiors of our time is primarily due to its many advantages:

  • Marble effect walls are fashionable and stylish. Marble gives high cost and nobility to any interiors.
  • At the same time, this material is appropriate not only for classical styles but also for many modern design trends, it will perfectly fit into high-tech or loft, and complement the Scandinavian style or laconic minimalism.
  • The original drawing on a light or dark background will create an interesting unobtrusive accent and will go well with plain walls that prevail in modern interiors.
  • A wide range of colors will allow you to choose an option for “warm” and “cold” rooms. And a wide variety of natural patterns (fancy stripes, specks, and stains) will help you choose the option that suits your interior.
  • Another important advantage of marble is its versatility and relevance in almost any room. Marble today is not only about the bathroom and the bathroom, not only about the halls of public spaces. Marble can look appropriate in the kitchen, in the living room, in the hallway, and even in the bedroom. The main thing is to use it correctly in interiors and skillfully combine it with other materials.

Marble finish or “similar to marble products”? Options:

Natural marble

Usually supplied in the form of stone slabs.

Advantages – high-quality, durable, durable, moisture resistant. The unique natural pattern on the stone also attracts – each slab is unique and does not look like the other.

Disadvantages of natural marble: high price. The difficulty of installation. Large weight (requires compliance with the recommended load on walls and floor slabs). During operation, it requires careful care, it absorbs dirt well. In addition, it is undesirable to clean natural marble with ordinary household cleaners with abrasives and acids.

Marble stoneware.

This is the most common alternative solution. There are options in different colors, and in different price categories. Unlike natural marble, this coating is more wear-resistant and economical. The main thing is that the work is done with high quality and the seams between porcelain stoneware or tiles are done neatly and unobtrusively.

Venetian marble stucco.

It creates an unsurpassed visual resemblance to natural marble, has no seams, is a durable and comfortable coating, and is more profitable than natural stone.

It is better to trust the application of such a coating to professionals.

Marble veneer.

An interesting novelty in the market of building and finishing materials. This is a sheet with a glossy surface. Easy to mount. Resistant to moisture and UV radiation. Marble Veneer (sheets), also called a stacked stone, is made by combining a layer of natural stone with a thin sheet of a second material, like fiberglass resin or aluminum composite. This is then installed over another surface, giving it the appearance of marble. A large format makes the joints invisible. Relatively light weight makes it possible to mount such veneer even where the load on walls and ceilings is limited.


PVC panels or marbled wallpaper.

They do not always allow you to create the desired effect of high cost and status. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of such solutions for finishes.

More tips:

Marble is an intuitively cold material, so it is desirable to combine it with warm surfaces, it can be wood or fabrics with a rough texture.

The material prefers rooms with a large area, in which it looks more harmonious.

Marble is very original, bright and accented, so it is important to use it in doses in residential interiors, otherwise, the space may turn out to be too soulless and more reminiscent of non-residential interiors.
It is important to keep in mind that marble (especially if it is natural) reflects light due to its glossy surface, so it is important to be smart about the choice of light sources and their location so that there are no unnecessary glare.

The smooth surface of the marble is balanced by coarser materials and textures. For example, wood panels.

Combine marble with concrete, metal, and glass. Spectacular appearance – guaranteed.
Marble Looks perfect with chrome, copper, gold, as well as mirrors. The interior becomes special, somewhat precise. The perfect combination for classic styles.

Is marble finishing too bold for you? Apply marble just in some details. For example use a marble coffee table, a vase, a bar counter, or maybe a marble countertop. Fireplace or stairs. There are Lots of options!



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