LOFT Style in Interior design

Perhaps one of the most easily recognizable, strict, but extraordinary modern styles. Brick walls without trim, undraped wires, concrete beams overhead, and a large area without partitions. That’s how it was conceived!

The rise of loft came in the 50s of the 20th century and is connected with the industrial revolution in America. The price of land in the center of the city grew and production enterprises had to move to the outskirts of the city. Abandoned buildings of the manufactory were quickly converted into residential premises and began to be rented out to those interested.

Such «homes» became the founders of the loft style. Minimum comfort for a low price. In the manufacturing halls, only the kitchen, bathroom, and bathroom were placed, separating the latter from the common room. Other partitions were absent. Overhead high beamed ceilings. Under the feet – concrete floor. Pipes are laid on the walls. So the objects of the manufactory were made suitable for life, and their modest decoration turned into an independent design style of interior design – loft.

“Bright features of loft style”

Interestingly, the style won special popularity among extraordinary and creative people: artists, musicians, and artists. Artists of art placed galleries and workshops in the buildings of the manufactory and often lived near them. This approach contributed to the spread of style.

Also, the loft is excellently suited both for small apartments and for offices or apartments with large areas. The style is universal and functional, which meets the standards of today’s fashion.

Among the main distinguishing features of the loft:

  • Large windows – high and wide
  • the roughness of the decoration combined with details that create warmth and comfort
  • freedom of planning – no barriers
  • large room height

Room decoration and color scheme

The loft does not require any categorical and strict rules. The only thing is to preserve the concept of the manufacture to emphasize the individuality of the style. The walls and ceiling usually have a light shade, and the walls – are plaster or brick.

The color palette offers light and strict shades. White, light gray, and beige visually expand the space, and dark gray and brown, and shades of concrete and wood add naturalness and seriousness. Black, as well as bright colors, use little. Rather, to place the accents.

Ceiling. According to the loft canon, it is roughly processed and has defects, paint bubbles, or scratches. Repeating the features of factory buildings, the ceilings are decorated with metal or concrete beams, or imitation structures. But lately, they are increasingly replacing similar decoration with stretch or hanging options in silver, light tones, or with a metallic effect.

Floor. Classic floor covering for the loft style is considered porcelain stoneware or laminate imitating aged wood. Linoleum and other materials are used much less often. Gradually, poured matte floors and variants that create the impression of a concrete surface is coming into fashion.

Walls. In loft style, they also feature a rough coating. Therefore, they often use real brick or an imitation of aged brick. It is interesting that expensive and high-quality materials are often required to create the impression of raw walls.

Since the loft-style room presupposes a large room, it is zoned with the help of different finishing options in different areas. And only the bathroom with a bathroom separated by a partition. Pipes, communications, and radiators are specially displayed for public viewing. At the same time, the room does not seem uninhabited but looks fresh and original.

Lighting, furniture, and loft-interior décor

Returning to canon loft style. Residents of former factories and factories didn’t have a whole truckload of things, so the loft absorbed minimalism, but at the same time, maximum practicality. The interior must be primarily comfortable for life and stylish.

One of the principles of the loft style is a lot of empty space. Therefore, the furniture is placed along the walls and corners so that the center of the room remains free, or on islands. Headsets and carved chair backs will be inappropriate in industrial romance. They are excellently replaced by rough cabinets or open shelves. Simple sofas. Modern armchairs and glass coffee tables.

The windows are left open. Especially if they are tall and let in a lot of daylight. But in any case, curtains and light tulle – this is not for the loft. Maximum – blinds to hide what is happening from prying eyes. Modern lamps and floor lamps act as artificial light.

Loft decoration is also limited. Usually several pictures in frames, large objects – a vase, a tub with a flower, a mirror in a metal forged frame. Decorations, porcelain, and patchwork-style pillows will be inappropriate. The loft style is harmoniously complemented by graffiti on the walls or paintings by street artists. Industrial posters or photo collages. Mechanical watches with an open mechanism.

“Loft style in the interior of different rooms”

When the loft style went beyond manufactured buildings and stepped into real residential houses, it was used to design small studios. Today, the style is so loved by many that even multi-room apartments or private houses can survive in it. And different rooms have certain nuances of decoration and furnishings.


Modern loft apartments are not limited to an industrial aesthetic

Loft apartments have been a popular living space for decades, offering an urban, industrial feel with open floor plans and high ceilings. Modern loft apartments have evolved to incorporate contemporary design elements while still retaining their original character. In this article, we will explore the basics of modern loft apartment style and how it has been transformed over the years.

One of the defining characteristics of a loft apartment is its open floor plan. This allows for versatile and flexible living spaces, perfect for those who want to maximize their living space. Modern lofts often feature large windows, which allow for ample natural light to flow through the apartment, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

Another important aspect of modern loft apartment style is the use of raw materials. Exposed brick, concrete walls, and steel beams are common features in modern lofts, creating an industrial vibe. These materials also add texture and depth to the space, creating a unique and eye-catching aesthetic.

Modern loft apartments In terms of furniture

In terms of furniture, modern loft apartments often feature minimalist and sleek pieces, with a focus on functionality. Pieces made of glass, metal, and other industrial materials are popular choices, as they complement the raw elements found throughout the space.

However, modern loft apartments are not limited to an industrial aesthetic. Many modern lofts now incorporate elements of nature and greenery, creating a more holistic and harmonious space. This is achieved through the use of indoor plants, wood accents, and other natural materials.

What could I say in conclusion, is that modern loft apartments offer a unique living space with a mix of contemporary design and industrial elements. With an open floor plan, ample natural light, and a focus on raw materials and functionality, modern loft apartments are perfect for those who want to live in a stylish and urban space. Whether you prefer a minimalist aesthetic or a more natural and organic look, a modern loft apartment can be tailored to suit your individual style and needs.


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