Interior design trends 2023

Interior design trends 2023

New minimalism is a Warm minimalism

The interior design trends 2023 is naturalness and at the same time functionality, minimalist ideas, and care for nature and yourself.

“Changing shape”

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Use unusual materials in decoration and bizarre forms of furniture.

Glass with relief, a sofa of an unusual shape – something that immediately catches the eye. And this is the trend of 2023!

By the way, the trend for arches and broken lines in the interior is also preserved

Interior design trends 2023 warm minimalism

New minimalism is a Warm minimalism

Minimalism has been on trend for a long time, but in 2023 it becomes softer: we add warm colors and unique details to the interior.

Everyone is talking about minimalist interior style nowadays. This is one of the hottest styles of our time and for good reason. It is very authentic and combines functionality and practicality. But most of us want to feel cozy at home, and classic minimalism evokes opposite feelings.

It is cold, somewhat sterile, one might even say brutal. For many of us, minimalism is associated with an office or a hospital. Sometimes you can hear the opinion that such housing resembles some kind of cave, it is uncomfortable and you would never want to live in it.

But modern designers have found a solution that combines the aesthetics of classic minimalism and a sense of home comfort. This style is the main trend of 2022 and 2023 and has been called “warm minimalism”. The new concept tends to combine the simplicity of the interior and the feeling of warmth in it. By following a series of simple tips, you can create “warm minimalism” in your home without spending crazy money on it.

warm minimalism trend 2023

Inherited interior

We collect antiques and are in no hurry to get rid of the annoying grandmother’s chest of drawers – now it is a trendy trend! By the way, it goes well with the eco-principle of “a second life for things.”

An interesting parallel with the active use of new technologies is created by another, almost opposite trend – the design traces back to the past.

But in fact, they do not contradict each other. Nostalgia in the interior should not be manifested in a complete departure from progress. Quite the opposite: subtle technical solutions organically complement the retro style, vintage furniture, and original decor with history

Trends 2023 - retro style, vintage furniture, and original decor


Interior design trends for 2023 include materials. Or rather, the approach to their choice.

A common leitmotif is traced – a departure from perfectly even lines and smooth surfaces to natural imperfections. The ability to see beauty in its original natural form is characteristic of the Japanese – that is why the Japandi style has become so popular.

Regardless of the direction, the interior is increasingly using:

Natural materials – raw or unpainted wood, unpolished stone, naturally chipped marble, clay, coarse cotton, etc.

Objects of non-ideal geometric shape. For example, circles or ovals with irregularities or unequal angles.

Sustainable  Design

Now sustainable design is actively developing. It is characterized by long-term concern for the environment, as well as the ethics of production. Not only the composition of the material is important, but also how it was created: no damage to nature, the use of renewable resources, and fair working conditions.

It also matters how the materials “work” in the interior. They must be durable, easy to care for, safe for people and animals, and finally, just comfortable. It doesn’t matter if it’s natural wood or bioplastic.


This trend is closely related to the previous one. The desire to save natural resources and take care of the world around us motivates designers to look for and create new materials.

Therefore, every year unusual inventions appear at exhibitions. The priority is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, recyclable raw materials. For example:

  • Skin from mushroom mycelium instead of natural or synthetic is used
  • Alternatives to the concrete are made from certain types of sand and certain plant species. The production of such substitutes emits less carbon into the atmosphere.
  • Algae or Kombucha furniture.
  • Cork for floor, wall, and ceiling cladding.
  • Furniture, partitions, and decor created using 3D printing

Trendy colors

Consider the actual colors in 2023.

The neutral base does not go out of fashion and will not lose ground in the coming years. There is also a trend towards monochrome and visual simplicity in the projects. The stereotype that gray or beige as the basis of the palette is too boring is not only dispelled but elevated to the opposite absolute when this color becomes the only one in the room.

Every day we are surrounded by a lot of bright colors, fast-changing pictures, and contrasting shots, so it is important to take a break from so much visual information within the walls of the house. And the best help in this is the calm palette, consisting of shades flowing into each other.

They create the effect of a single cozy space, a kind of “cocoon”, which gives a sense of security and helps to relax. A variety of expressive textures help to compensate for the simplicity of the color scheme: from cold stone or concrete to warm wool and natural wood. You can also dilute the overall monochrome with a couple of small contrasting accents to set visual beacons.

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