How To Organize Laundry Storage

How To Organize Laundry Storage

The ergonomics of space help to make the house more comfortable and practical. If your house or apartment has space for a laundry room, then using the principles of ergonomics, you can design the laundry room by yourself.

Laundry in an apartment or house is not only a space for washing machines and shelves. This space can be suitable for storing household items. The goal of this article is to organize your laundry in an efficient way so that you do not have to spend too much time organizing it or finding things! It also helps keep your home clean, organized, and fresh.

Think about what do you want to place in this room:

  • laundry baskets
  • dryer
  • ironing board
  • shelves and cabinets for clothes and detergents;
  • sink
  • electric heated towel rail
  • additional appliances (for example, a small bathroom and shower to wash shoes)

“Laundry ergonomics”

For the laundry, there are no unambiguous principles of ergonomics. But it is important to understand that furniture and household appliances should be located in such a way as to ensure the most comfortable process of washing, drying, ironing and cleaning.

The distance between aisles and furniture should be respected according to the same principles as for other rooms (it is important to ensure easy access to furniture, storage places and appliances without any obstructions). You can also plan a place to relax in this room, as the ironing process can be tedious. Do not forget about the principles of the correct placement of objects. For things that you will rarely use, you can provide storage in more inaccessible places.

Minimum dimensions for laundry

If the laundry room is large, you should follow the same rules as for the kitchen. But for ironing it is necessary to provide a convenient place. The ironing board should not block the passage. To do this, measure the width of the space, then measure the length of the ironing board, and you will see if there is enough space left for the passage.

Questions that can be answered when designing a laundry:

  • Do you need a dryer in addition to a washing machine?
  • Do I need a sink?
  • Will there be an ironing board?
  • Will laundry be sorted by color or other factors?
  • Where will the clothes be dried?
  • Where will clean and dirty clothes, as well as things that need to be ironed or have already been ironed, be stored?
  • Will there be a cat or dog in the room?
  • Do you need a small shower? A place to wash the dog or shoes?
  • Do you need an electric towel warmer?

The goal of this article is to organize your laundry in an efficient way so that you do not have to spend too much time organizing it or finding things! It also helps keep your home clean, organized, and fresh.

“Give  you some simple rules:”

Group similar things

One of the biggest things that can get in the way of keeping your home organization systems working is having too many products or materials spread around your house. With our busy lives, we often have a lot of demands made on us, which leads to leaving something behind!

If you find yourself with no space to store all of your items, then it’s time to evaluate what types of items go together. For instance, if you’re always running low on paper towels, then buying a bag full of tissue rolls may be your best option.

By organizing items according to their use, you will know exactly where to look for them when they are run out.

Another important group related to cleaning is bath supplies.

A helpful tip is to organize by size – large bottles next to each other and small ones together. This way you can quickly identify what brand you have already and begin using those away from fresh packs.

Use baskets or storage bins

The best laundry organization schemes are always designed with one goal in mind: saving time! By keeping your washing organized, you will save time for yourself by not having to search through stacks of clothes looking for an item.

You can organize all of your whites in one place, use color-coded bags or containers to keep track of each type of clothing, and store similar items together. All of these concepts help reduce wasted time as you don’t have to spend time re-organizing what you’ve got.

There are many different types of organizers that can be used to make this possible. Baskets and storage boxes are great starting points if you don’t happen to have the perfect set up already.

If you’re ever struggling how to begin organizing your closet, start with the most basic pieces first and work from there.

Use racks

The best way to organize your laundry is by using adequate, sturdy wire rack systems. There are many brands that offer a variety of racking systems for different types of clothing.

Mostly plastic or metal trays with hanging rods attached. These are typically placed in a shelf or cabinet so that you can access them easily and pull out what size load you want to wash.

The best rack systems have adjustable heights which allows you to find the right level for each piece of clothing. This also helps save space since some manufacturers design their system where pieces fit together.

By having separate levels you’re able to put new lids on bowls or trays without having to move the whole structure down.

Create a washing area and a drying area

In your laundry room, you will want to have separate areas for washes and dryers as well as baskets or containers to store all of your launder-and-dry tools.

You can organize these in several different ways depending on what feels most efficient to you. Make sure to be careful with electricity!

There are many brands that make great storage equipment. They are usually made of plastic or metal and are very affordable.

Many people use low hanging rods to hold wet items like towels away from the wash basket so they do not get wrinkled. For those who enjoy doing crafts, there are often small baskets or bins where you could put leftover bits of sewing and other projects.

This article will talk about organizing the washing area and the drying area.

Use shelves

The best way to organize your laundry is by using shelf-mounted racks or cabinets. These can be built into the wall, or you can build your own with low cabinet doors that close with a hook or magnet.

Shelf-style organized storage is very popular because it’s easy to add more space if needed. You just open up the top of the shelf and make room for something bigger.

These are especially helpful in organizing washer and dryer areas since they typically have an overhead rack area as well. This makes it easier to find things like towels without having to search through all the bags.

Another benefit of these organization systems is how easily you can access everything. Because the items stay put and out of the way, it’s much simpler to grab what you need right away.

You will also want to think about which ones work better in a washroom setting.

Create cubbies

The best way to organize your laundry is by using dividers! These can be made of cardboard, plastic, or wood and fit in between each piece of washable clothing.

You can make these dividers yourself or you can find them at stores or online that offer them as organized storage furniture. Make sure to look for ones with rounded corners so they do not get stuck.

These types of organizers are very cost-effective and easy to put together, which is another reason to do it yourself. Once you have all the pieces, you just need to cut and attach them properly!

We recommend doing one row of smaller bins per load of clothes to save space and keep everything separate. You also want to remember to rotate your storage every six months to keep it functioning efficiently.

Use boxes

One of the best ways to organize your laundry is by using organized storage systems or resources. There are many different types of organization solutions for washers and dryers, but one of the most common is to use plastic tubs or containers to organize socks, shirts, pants, and other items.

You can buy these pre-organized container sets at most department stores and houseware stores. These sets usually include several small compartments that fit in the larger container well. By organizing this way, you will have easy access to each item without having to search through all of the bags and pockets on clothing.

Another option is to make your own organizational bins out of cardboard or plastic sheet material. You can design your system however you like and add additional features such as moisture protection.

Use jars

One of the best ways to organize your laundry is by using glass or plastic containers to store each type of item. Materials like this are very easy to find at most stores these days, so don’t worry about buying them too expensively!

You can buy many different sizes, colors and shapes of these storage items. The best way to determine which size or shape you need is by looking around and talking to people who use similar sized containers for their washes.

Some people also put stickers on the container to help identify what wash it contains. For instance, if it has towels in it, then they will typically write “hand towel” on the lid.


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