How to decorate a Living Room

How to decorate a Living Room

When creating a living room interior design, it is important to consider the functions of the room. This is a public area where we are spending our free time and meet guests.

“What is usually needed for a cosy living room?”

Sofas, armchairs, poufs, bean bags, pear chairs
Functional and decorative lighting
TV and audio system


Bookcase, fireplace, shelves, workplace, mini-bar, game center, coffee table
Textiles: curtains, roller blinds and blinds, carpets and fabric panels, blankets and pillows

Decor: paintings, landscaping, vases, sculptures, clocks and so on

“Kitchen-living room design”

Suitable for apartments and houses with any area. The layout visually enlarges the room, adds space and light to it. Functional areas are visually delimited using different techniques: a bar counter, a kitchen island, light partitions, different finishing materials, lighting, even a different colors could be used to separate visually the space.

Parquet is more typical for the living room, the floor can be decorated with a carpet, and in the kitchen floor tiles or porcelain tiles are laid and a warm floor is made. At the same time, it is important to maintain a common style, using the same elements in both zones, up to creating a common space with the same materials.

“Small living room design”

The main task in a small living room is to visually enlarge it. At the same time, it is important to correctly use the usable area, not to clutter it with unnecessary items. This approach will make the living room spacious and well lit.

In a small living room, light, neutral shades, small print finishes, and vertical lines look good. Furniture should be as simple as possible, not massive, without unnecessary decorative elements.

“Living room design with work space”

For the working area, you can equip a loggia or balcony combined with the living room. It can also be a window sill table or just a small table separated from the seating area. For the workplace, additional lighting and cabinet furniture, shelves for storing office supplies and documentation are needed.

“Living room design in a studio apartment”

In a compact apartment with a free layout, it is very important to make a cozy and functional recreation area. It can be a sofa, a modular wall with a TV, complemented by shelves on the wall. At the same time, attention is paid to storage areas that will save maximum space in the apartment. These can be built-in wardrobes, drywall niches, additional boxes in upholstered furniture, and so on.

“Living room design in the house”

The house differs from the apartment in a well-thought-out layout in accordance with the preferences of the owners. The living room can have access to the garden or terrace, a second light area. It often contains a staircase to the second floor or a fireplace.

“Living room decoration”


Living room with a large area. You can use any shades, both dark and light, with a complex texture, a combination of several finishing materials, and wall panels. Large patterns, contrasting combinations, and horizontal stripes are also suitable.

Living room with a small area. Use light colors (possibly warm white), without voluminous patterns, and with or without fine texture. This will visually expand the room.

Decoration Materials

Wallpaper. Non-woven for painting, vinyl, and fabric is popular. A large selection of colors and textures allows you to use wallpaper in any style of interior.

They are used as an accent in large and small living rooms. Properly selected photo wallpapers will visually push the walls apart in a narrow room.

Dye. An increasingly popular choice as the lack of pattern makes walls a versatile backdrop for furniture and decor.

Decorative plaster. A durable coating with which you can imitate different patterns, textures, and more expensive materials. It can be an imitation of fabric, stone, cement, brickwork, and so on. Stucco is a versatile finish that suits any style and space.

Stone veneer. A thin cut of natural stone, such as marble, travertine, and sandstone. Thanks to the multi-layer synthetic base, it is easy to mount on the walls. Ideal for rooms with high ceilings from 3 meters.

Wall panels (chipboard, MDF, wood, fabric, gypsum). Accent finish, with which you can decorate one wall. Vertical lines will visually “lift” ceilings, while horizontal lines are only recommended for high ceilings. Wall panels go well with paint, plaster, LED lighting.

Floor coverings

Laminate. Universal and modern coating with a large selection of textures, colors, imitation patterns of stone, wood, marble, concrete, and abstract patterns.

Parquet, parquet, engineering board. Such a floor will fit well into a spacious living room with high ceilings.

Carpet. A large selection of colors, and pile styles makes carpet an excellent alternative to wood flooring or its imitation. Makes the living room more comfortable, and increases sound insulation. A cove roller is easier to maintain and easier to replace.

Porcelain stoneware, ceramic tiles, natural stone. A living room with such materials will ideally fit into the styles of minimalism, loft, hi-tech, futurism, country, and American classics. Another plus of such floor coverings is the ease of care for them.


To finish the ceiling, the following materials and techniques are used:

  • Suspended ceiling made of plasterboard with subsequent painting or applying
  • Decorative plaster
  • Stretch ceiling
  • Grinding and painting of the existing concrete floor
  • Grigliatto ceilings
  • Laminate
  • Ceiling panels
  • Living room interior design
  • Lighting in the living room

Lighting is one of the key elements of interior design. Improper zoning of light will make the interior heavy, poorly lit, and uncomfortable. In the living room, it is important to use the main and additional light.

As the main and functional use:

Chandeliers – hanging, ceiling, built-in
Magnetic or conventional track systems
Sconces and pendants
Recessed or surface-mounted dots and tubes

Accent and decorative light can be the lighting of ceiling niches, lighting of cabinets and shelves, wall lamps, and floor lamps.


In a modern living room, there is not only a TV. An audio system, a vinyl player, a game center, a mini-bar, an electric fireplace, and smart technology, such as a voice assistant, were added to it.


The classic lounge set is a sofa and armchairs. However, they will be supplemented or replaced by frameless furniture. For storage in the living room, modular or built-in walls with sliding or hinged doors are installed. They are complemented by racks, showcases, cabinets, and hanging or concealed shelves. There is also a coffee table in the living room.


These can be paintings, vases, framed photographs, candlesticks and additional light sources, vinyl stickers for walls and furniture, mirrors, live and artificial plants, figurines, sculptures, decor made of concrete, wood, toys, and much more.


The interior design of the living room involves modern textiles. It is used in several areas:

For windows: curtains, tulle, curtains, roller blinds and blinds
For the floor: carpet, mat
For furniture: blankets, pillows, fabric interior toys
For walls: tapestries



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