How do you visually enlarge a small bathroom?

Maximizing Space in a Tiny Ensuite Bathroom

How do you visually enlarge a small bathroom? A small ensuite bathroom can feel cramped and claustrophobic, but it doesn’t have to be! How to make a small ensuite bathroom look bigger? With some creative decorating tricks and space-saving ideas, even the tiniest ensuite powder room can be transformed into a space that looks and feels much larger than it really is. Here are some of the best ways to visually enlarge a small ensuite bathroom.

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Mirrors are a small bathroom’s best friend when it comes to opening up the space. Hang the largest mirror that the layout and dimensions of your ensuite will allow. Position it across from windows and light sources so that it can reflect the maximum amount of light around the room. You can also break up wall space with multiple smaller mirrors. Try using rectangular mirrors vertically to give the illusion of a taller ceiling. Floor mirrors are great for compact ensuites as they visually double the floor space when they reflect the room.

Opt for Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Choose wall-mounted faucets and fixtures rather than ones that take up precious space on the vanity or floor. Floating wall-mounted sinks, toilets and towel racks help maintain an open, airy feeling in a small ensuite bathroom. Install shelving and cabinets higher up on the walls, and consider a recessed medicine cabinet to take advantage of all available wall space while keeping necessities easily accessible.

Paint It White

An all-white color palette makes small rooms appear larger and brighter. The light colors reflect and bounce light around the room for an airy, expansive look. However, an all-white bathroom can also look sterile. Add some personality with gray, beige or light blue accents in towels, rugs, shower curtains and mirrors. But keep the majority of surfaces bright white for maximum reflecting power.

Use Glass and Clear Acrylic Pieces

Incorporate transparent glass and acrylic pieces to maintain an open look. A glass vessel sink saves space on the vanity. Acrylic organizers and clear shower caddies look lightweight. You can even swap shower doors for a clear acrylic partition. The see-through elements take up less visual space. Hang a silver or etched glass wall mirror for more transparent surfaces.

Install Recessed Lighting

Installing recessed can lighting in the ceiling creates the illusion of higher ceilings in a small bathroom. The lights also eliminate shadows in the cramped space. Place recessed lighting around the mirror and vanity for ideal visibility. Under-cabinet LED strip lighting is another space-saving option for adding extra illumination exactly where you need it most that will make ensuite bathroom look bigger.

Accentuate Vertical Lines and Height

Installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets, rectangular mirrors, vertical tile patterns, and high shelving draws the eye upward, making the room feel taller. Avoid bulky horizontal features that will consume precious floor space and make the room feel closed in. Even something as simple as vertically striped shower curtains can create a lengthening effect.

Keep Floors Clutter-Free

Make a small ensuite bathroom feel more spacious by keeping floors clear of clutter and obstruction. Store necessities in attractive baskets and bins that can slide neatly under the vanity or into cabinets. Freestanding shelves and narrow rolling carts provide storage without crowding the floor. Have a place for everything so items are not left out.

Choose Compact Toilets and Sinks

When selecting fixtures, look for compact options with smaller footprints that won’t take over the tiny room. Off-the-floor toilets with tanks fitted into the wall are a great space-saving choice. Wall-hung or pedestal sinks also minimize bulky vanities. Vessel sinks fit neatly on the counter without taking up valuable drawer space underneath.

Use Pocket and Barn Doors

If floor space allows, consider using a pocket door rather than a traditional swing-open style to conserve square footage. Or install a sliding barn door to avoid having doors open into the room. Both options are also attractive design features that add charm to a small bathroom.

Install a Frameless Shower Enclosure

Ditch the bulky plastic surround or shower curtain rod and install a frameless glass shower enclosure. This allows the shower to blend seamlessly into the room without obvious borders. Choose clear glass doors that practically disappear rather than heavily framed options. Frameless showers make wet areas look clean and streamlined.

Use Wall-Mounted Shelving

Stay organized in a small bathroom by mounting shelves directly on the walls. Floating shelves lined with baskets add storage without taking up floor area. Wall-mounted corner shelving is perfect for filling in dead space. Just be sure to keep items on shelves minimal for a clutter-free look.

Maximize Corners with Storage

Take advantage of wasted corners and angles that are difficult to utilize in such a compact room. Install custom shelving or buy a corner wall cabinet with a spinning lazy Susan inside so you can access items easily. A corner-mounted shower caddy also adds storage without hogging floor space.

Accessorize with Simplicity

Skip the frilly shower curtains, floral borders and decorative clutter in a tiny bathroom. Accessorize simply with some sleek ceramic vessels, rolled up towels, a small bouquet of flowers or floating candles. Less is more when it comes to additional items that will overcrowd the limited space.

Use Pattern to Divert Attention

Strategically using patterns is a clever trick for making a room look larger than it is. Busy tile designs, bold wallpaper prints, and contrasting floor textures divert the eye, so flaws and tight quarters are less noticeable. Just be careful not to go overboard, or the small space will feel chaotic.

Paint Ceilings Light Colors

Painting the ceiling a light color helps it visually recede, making a compact bathroom feel more expansive. Especially use this trick if you have a dark ceiling, which can make the room feel oppressive. Just be sure to use a bathroom-friendly paint that is mold and mildew-resistant.

Add Plants for Fresh Air

Place a potted plant or two in the bathroom to add life and a sense of freshness. Greenery makes spaces feel inviting and lively. Opt for low maintenance plants that thrive in humid bathroom environments. Simple succulents, ferns or bamboo thrive with minimal care and add organic appeal.

Use Space-Saving Furniture

Fitting full-sized furnishings into a tiny ensuite bathroom is tricky. Look for compact, space-saving and multi-purpose furniture instead. Narrow rolling carts can substitute for cabinets. Wall-mounted drop-down tables take up no floor space. Slim shelves double as towel racks. Get creative to maximize every inch!

Incorporate Multipurpose Items

Find items that can serve double or triple duty in the cramped quarters. An ottoman stool that opens for storage, corner shower caddies with shelves, mirrors with built-in lights, and cabinets with adjustable shelves – multifunctional bathroom items prevent clutter.

Add a Spa Feel with Luxury Touches

While a small ensuite bathroom may lack room to spread out, you can create a relaxing spa vibe with high-end touches. Add fluffy bathmats, scented candles, a space for aromatherapy, a towel warmer, or a small water fountain. Dim lighting also helps make the space feel calm and serene.

With some clever decorating tricks and space-saving ideas, even the tiniest ensuite powder room can be transformed into a fresh, attractive, and surprisingly spacious-feeling bathroom retreat. Use mirrors, vertical lines, glass elements, and streamlined storage to optimize what little square footage is available. The end result will be a small but mighty ensuite that exceeds expectations!


Decorating a tiny bathroom can be challenging. With limited space, every design decision is crucial. One of the most impactful choices is color. The right hues can trick the eye and make a compact bath feel more expansive. When working with a small bathroom footprint, keep these color tips in mind.

♦ Embrace White

White may seem boring, but it is the go-to shade for opening up small spaces. The light color reflects light, making the room feel bright and airy. Aim to use white or off-white on the walls, ceiling, cabinetry, and fixtures. This uniform palette keeps things visually uncluttered. To add personality, incorporate texture and accent colors through tiles, window treatments, and accessories.

♦ Use Cool Tones

Cool hues like blue, green, gray, and purple give the illusion that walls are receding, which makes spaces appear larger. Deep cool paint colors can feel moody in a tiny bath, so opt for pale shades like powder blue, sage green, or lavender. subway tile A blue-gray subway tile wainscoting instantly makes a small bathroom look more expansive.

♦ Accent with Warm Tones

Warm orange and yellow tones liven up a bathroom palette, but be mindful of overusing them. As accents, these colors provide a brightness that opens up the space. Try a sunshine yellow shower curtain, orange hand towels, or an earthy wainscoting. Just don’t paint an entire tiny bathroom orange or it may start to feel claustrophobic.

♦ Limit Dark Hues

Dark paint colors can make a bathroom feel closed in, so use them sparingly. If your taste leans dark, choose a gray, charcoal, or navy blue rather than pure black. Use only on one accent wall or to ground lighter colors. Dark grout lines on a white tile floor can also define a space without gloom.

♦ Add Contrast

Contrast between wall, floor and cabinet colors helps delineate shape and dimension in a tiny bathroom. For example, white walls pop against navy blue cabinetry. Contrast also leads the eye around so flaws and tight space are less noticeable. Just avoid excessive contrast or the room will feel jarring.

♦ Be Consistent

No matter what color palette you choose, keep it consistent throughout the bathroom. The same tones used on the walls should be repeated in accents like rugs, shower curtains, artwork and accessories. A unified color scheme makes a small space feel put together.

With strategic use of light, bright, cool and accent colors, even the most pint-sized bathroom can be transformed into a fresh, expansive space. Take color cues from your existing elements, and decorate in a way that flatters the room rather than fights against it. The right colors can work magic.


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