How to “hide” a kitchen set in the kitchen-living room?

Combining the kitchen and living room is a popular, convenient solution.

But how to make the room look cohesive, cozy, comfortable, and conducive to relaxation. More like a living room than a kitchen? What to look for when choosing furniture, when arranging and decorating such a space?

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Divert attention from the kitchen with a bright “spot” in the living room

Experts suggest placing some bright, juicy, accent objects in the living area. Which will attract all eyes to itself. So that the kitchen area will go by the wayside. It can be a colorful armchair, an unusual lamp, or a spectacular poster.

Combining the kitchen and living room

Pay special attention to the dining area

The dining group, if it is bright, and interesting (and this can be achieved through unusual chairs, the original shape of the tabletop, and a lamp above the dining area) will become a kind of “link” between the kitchen and the living room, it will attract attention, stop all eyes on itself. It is desirable that the chairs are close to those that are usually placed in the living room.

Convenient, comfortable, possibly with soft velour upholstery, a kind of semi-armchair. This will “make friends” of the dining area with the living area even more and distract the eye from the kitchen cabinets. A bar will do as well. It will simultaneously divide the space between the zones and catch the eye.

dining area


Monochrome design of the kitchen

The ideas listed above (with splashes of color or bright details in the living area and accent dining area) will only work if the kitchen itself is calm, and subdued.

Even if you are madly in love with bright kitchen aprons, and colored retro refrigerators, then in this case you should refuse such decisions, otherwise, you won’t be able to “hide” the kitchen, dissolve it.

Choose monochrome calm facades of the kitchen set (ideally, to match the color of the walls), and hidden fittings.

Facades can be white or, on the contrary, in shades of graphite. Charcoal and black are no less good for camouflage.

monochrome design of the kitchen

Wood finish

Another option is to finish kitchen cabinets with wood, reminiscent of cabinet fronts in the living area. This makes the space extremely holistic. In addition, no color creates such comfort as warm and “home” wood materials.

Remove the upper kitchen cabinets

Another way to hide the kitchen area is to simply remove the upper cabinets of the headset.

Leave the bottom drawers, and a couple of light shelves, and use side inserts in the form of cabinets, and pencil cases.

This will make the interior more spacious and bright (fact!).

And the wall above the kitchen can be used for bright details – paintings, decorative panels, etc. That will allow you to “domesticate” the room and bring a lot of comforts.

kitchen without upper cabinets


In this case, the entire surface of the wall turns into hidden storage system, where dishes and other things necessary in the kitchen are hidden, an oven, a microwave oven, and a dishwasher are also built in here.

The sink and work table can be located on the adjacent wall or on a separate kitchen island.

Create a barrier

By the way, about the island. This is where it comes in handy. A monolithic table between the zones will help to visually hide what is in the kitchen, creating a kind of partition.

So, sitting in cozy armchairs and on soft sofas in the living room area, you simply will not see kitchen utensils.

A sofa placed in the middle of the room and directed to the opposite wall from the kitchen area can serve as the same barrier. Or a bar counter.

table /island between kitchen and living room

Remove all unnecessary

The kitchen-living room becomes more of a living room than a kitchen if all accessories are hidden in cabinets. Household appliances, knife stands, rails with kitchen utensils, pot holders and towels. This has its own charm, but if the task is to hide the kitchen area, then it is better to free up space as much as possible.

Continue the given idea in terms of decoration

Thus, the room will remain a holistic space.

For example, in the kitchen area, the same wallpaper (panels, design elements) can be used as in the living room area.

Let’s leave the décor in the same section. Right in the kitchen, place paintings, photo frames, and flower vases, something that is more typical for the living room. This will make it possible to “make friends” between the two zones and level the difference in functionality.

The same furniture

Above, we wrote about wood trim in the kitchen area (these can be veneered facades). In this case, the same principle works. The furniture in the kitchen area and in the living area can be the same. It doesn’t have to be wood. Plain facades in a classic style with elegant decorative elements and familiar fittings are also suitable.

Camouflage layout

Another bold decision. The layout may be such that it will not be easy to notice the kitchen. In the corner of the room, hidden behind the bar partition, in a niche, in the corridor (in the entrance area) – very unusual, but very interesting.

Classic design

The classic style in the interior allows you to bring the kitchen area closer to the atmosphere of the living room better than others. A sideboard with glass doors, exquisite chairs with carved legs, and multi-tiered chandeliers are appropriate both in the living room area and in the kitchen area.

Play with colors and textures

Let the zones be “friendly” and call each other. This will make the interior holistic and stylish.

Tying Open Kitchens and Living Rooms Together with Shared Flooring

When kitchens and living rooms blend into one open-concept space, a unified flooring material visually brings the two zones together. Rather than changing flooring types between rooms, consider extending the same surface throughout. Shared flooring makes the home flow smoothly.

Hardwood planks are a classic choice that works in both kitchens and living areas. The natural material warms up the space. Just opt for a durable hardwood rated for water and high traffic.

Polished concrete flooring is an on-trend option providing an industrial modern look. The gray concrete color and gleaming finish suits contemporary open floor plans. Add area rugs to soften the hard surface.

For a sleek, seamless appearance, install large-format porcelain or ceramic tile. The tile visually expands the space. Use rectangular tile shapes laid in the same direction in both rooms.

Ultimately, the most practical flooring choice is one suitable for both humid, messy kitchen conditions and cozy living room spaces. Shared flooring makes the rooms feel connected, not separated.

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