Bio fireplaces cosy and stylish

A bio fireplace is a universal thing in the interior. Pleases with its beauty, warmth, and stylish appearance. Nowadays many projects include this stylish, atmospheric, and very comfortable item.

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Bio fireplaces bring the cozy ambiance of real flame without combustion, smoke, or ventilation needs. Discover the stylish, eco-friendly bio fireplace options adding warmth and style to contemporary living spaces with their flickering LED flame technology. Tips for incorporating modern bio fireplaces into your decor.

In this article, we will tell you about all the pros and cons of bio fireplaces, as well as show examples of projects with this cozy accessory in the interior.

“Bio fireplace: advantages and properties”

A bio fireplace primarily serves as a decorative element. It does not qualify as a full heating solution without another heat source in the home. The bio fireplace can provide some warmth, but only minimally. However, you can enjoy the beauty of a bio fireplace even in summer! The gently radiating heat from this hearth feels cozy and comfortable. So if you want to admire a living flame on a summer night, a bio fireplace makes an excellent choice!

You can also use a bio fireplace as an additional lighting source or backlight. It creates an incredibly romantic atmosphere!

Bio fireplace: advantages and properties

Bio fireplace will perfectly fit into the interior of almost any room, whether it be a bedroom, living room, kitchen, office or balcony. Can be located on the terrace or veranda.

An important advantage is the safety of such a fireplace. It does not smoke, does not flare up, does not spark, does not need firewood or coal, and economically consumes fuel. And most importantly – it does not require the arrangement of a smoke exhaust system. And, importantly, it can even be installed in an apartment! This does not require any special permits.

Another property concerning the special mood and atmosphere of this piece of furniture is that the living tongues of fire pacify, soothe, set in a lyrical mood and contribute to complete relaxation. No wonder they say that you can look at the fire forever. Thus, the Bio fireplace serves as a real antidepressant.

Having installed a Bio fireplace once, you will only think about one thing – why didn’t I do it earlier?

How to arrange a Bio fireplace?

In general, the Bio fireplace is unique. The flame in it is alive. Not an electrical simulation. Not a picture. And real fire. But at the same time, the device does not require ventilation or wooden logs.

How does Bio Fireplace work?

The Bio fireplace consists of a fuel tank in which a special substance is placed – bioethanol (this is ethyl alcohol with additives). When burning, the substance is split into water and carbon dioxide. As a result, soot and soot do not form in the atmosphere, and harmful substances do not evaporate.

It is no coincidence that such a fireplace is called “BIO”.There is no danger to humans.


First, since the flame is alive, there is still a risk of fire if the fire is handled carelessly! This is important to know, especially if there are small children or animals in the house. At the same time, do not forget that each bio-fireplace has a special damper that allows you to adjust the height of the flame, if necessary, to ensure its extinction.

Secondly, I must emphasize that a bio fireplace is NOT a complete heating solution. You need to understand it does not fully heat a home or apartment. For those who misunderstand its functionality, this can be a disadvantage of bio fireplaces. Some individuals get disappointed later when they find it remains chilly in the house. The device only provides gentle, supplemental radiant warmth. Recognizing it is not meant as the sole heat source prevents unrealistic expectations.

Another disadvantage is the high price of biofuel (however, it all depends on the burning time, if you use the fireplace around the clock and at maximum power, then, indeed, such fuel will cost a pretty penny).

And, finally, such shortcomings as overdrying the air into the room, stuffiness, are solved by simple periodic ventilation and the right choice of a bio fireplace, based on the area of ​​\u200b\u200b the room.

“Views and installation”

In fact, there are four main types of bio fireplaces (according to the installation method):

Floor standing

Another option is mobile fireplaces. Which can be moved from room to room. The design is very different.
The most common are built-in models that are mounted in special niches on the walls.

different types of bio fireplaces

The second popular option is a fireplace that imitates a real hearth. In this case, people often decorate the bio fireplace with stone or brick elements. They place a pile of firewood nearby. Under the tongues of flame, artificial logs made of heat-resistant ceramics can also be located.

However, there are other options as well. The imagination of designers is endless. Therefore, the choice among bio fireplaces is extremely huge.

Where to place a bio fireplace?

Installation options:

TV zone (in a niche under the TV, not far from it, or sometimes even instead of a TV screen!)
In the recreation area near a comfortable chair (on the loggia, by the window, in the bedroom)
Fits into a coffee table or closet niche
In the partition (visually delimiting zones)

Interior style:

Style can be anything. Bio fireplace is appropriate, as in the classics. So in the style of a loft or high-tech.

Only the design will differ. If for the classics we take the classic fireplace portal. That for hi-tech – it will be a laconic design in glass or metal.

Here are the four main types of bio fireplaces:

  1. Ethanol fireplaces – Burn liquid bioethanol fuel to produce flame. Portable and ventless.
  2. Gel fireplaces – Use colored gel cartridges for customizable flames. Convenient and low maintenance.
  3. Electric fireplaces – Mimic flame with LED lights and projected images. Affordable option is suitable for any room.
  4. Gas fireplaces – Use propane or natural gas for open-flame ambiance. More powerful heat output than other bio fireplace types.

The main categories are portable ethanol and gel types versus built-in electric and gas models. Ethanol and gel offer realistic flames in any room without construction. Electric and gas models get installed for more permanent heat and flame effects. Each bio fireplace type offers an eco-friendly way to enjoy a captivating fire ambiance indoors.


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